The Secret Salesforce

Do you have secret saboteurs or ambassadors in your company?

Every organisation has a hidden force, which is rarely fully utilised. That force can be utilised and developed to create a powerful and large sales force. I call it “The Secret Sales-force”

The secret sales-force consists of all your engineers, receptionists, contract teams, help desks and other customer fronting teams.

The Secret Sales-force programme can help you to build a stronger, more profitable business by enhancing the performance of your most important asset: all your people. We help businesses to attract and retain more customers and increase revenue. We do this by showing your management and teams how to develop sales for non sales teams.

The Secret Sales-force Programme is designed to challenge the mindset of non sales teams and individuals, build confidence, sales awareness, influencing & communication skills, to excel in today’s challenging business environment.

It focuses on 5 areas:

* Mindset and Attitude

* Core values and beliefs

* Communication skills

* Relationships

* Excellent customer Service

When all these elements are in place, results are simply extra-ordinary. Tap into the power of your hidden Sales-force, and see your results take off.