The Secret Salesforce Programme

Download this PDF to help you to manage and defuse situations with difficult customers.

Would you like to reduce the churn rate of existing customers and retain them for longer?

Are you utilising all your resources effectively?

Many companies are now, rightly, monitoring, measuring and surveying the customer experience and the processes, yet ultimately the greatest impact is not just about the systems or processes, it’s about your people, and the inter-actions they have with your customers and prospects.

This is where The Secret Salesforce© Programme comes into play. Every interaction you, or your team have with customers and prospects is a moment of truth that leads to the customer experience.

Engagement, both customer and employee engagement, combined with excellent service and good relationships will help create those magical moments of truth. If your people are not engaged, (and especially if they are disengaged), these interactions, or moments of truth, will result in a bad experience, or at least in an indifferent one, and customers vote with their feet. When the experience is excellent this leads to retention.

Everyone in a company should be in service, in sales and contribute to profit.

To help unleash your hidden resources and develop a secret salesforce, the programme is split accordingly

     1. A 45-minute conference keynote / or away day speech to kick start the programme

     2. An overview high level masterclass designed to assist C-Suite, managers and leaders implement and monitor the changes and behaviours

     3. An in-depth skills masterclass designed for teams at all levels, whether customer facing, help desks, receptionists or back-office staff

1 – Managing a Secret Salesforce – ½ day for managers & leaders (or optional 1 day)

The workshop is based on the international Instructional design (Analysis – Design – Develop – Implement – Evaluate), 70:30 interactive experiential.

It can be run as a half day masterclass, or if required full day and can be adapted to your requirements.

A typical programme is listed below:

  • The Customer Experience and Moments of Truth
  • Introduce the Secret Salesforce Model (Ambassadors, Neutrals, Saboteurs)
  • Recognising and managing Ambassadors, neutrals and Saboteur attitudes and behaviour
  • Behavioural engineering – how to convert and retain Ambassadors


  • Employee Engagement – tools to help maximise employee motivation
  • Customer journey mapping

What’s included

  • (Optional) Initial 45 minute Keynote to set the tone
  • Initial in-person or virtual meeting to discover your specific requirements (Analysis)
  • Research, Design and Development, including customisation to your requirements
  • ½ day Delivery (or 1 day if required)
  • Follow up meeting or phone call to discuss and complete the evaluation of the programme
  • Booklet – How to maximise a return on relationships
  • Booklet – sales through service


  • Optional anonymous Employee Engagement survey
  • Optional – mystery shopper survey
  • Optional – coaching for team leaders

Steve recently delivered a workshop to one of my CEO mastermind groups, on Advocates Everywhere, based on his Secret Salesforce programme.

The discussions and activities around every inter-action being a moment of truth, plus the concept of ambassadors, neutrals and saboteurs in every organisation, and how to recognise them and develop ambassadors to enhance the customer experience, was highly appreciated by the group.

Steve’s humour and personal anecdotes added to the workshop. Every CEO needs to understand how to leverage the power of the Secret Sales Force!

Charles McLachlan

CEO and Portfolio Executive development

2 – The Secret Salesforce programme (for customer facing and back office teams)

This is a 2-day workshop based on the international accepted A.D.D.I.E model, used in Instructional design. (Analysis – Design – Develop – Implement – Evaluate). It is 70:30 interactive experiential.

This can be run for customer facing teams, back-office staff, receptionists or for help desks.

A typical programme would look as follows:

Day 1 – core module

  • Sales and commercial awareness
    • Lifetime value of a customer
    • Acquisition cost of a customer
  • Know your customer – customer expectations, wants and needs
    • Tuning in to the customer’s language
  • Moments of truth – the customer experience
  • The Secret Salesforce model – Ambassadors, Neutrals and Saboteurs
  • The customer journey
  • Managing difficult customers
    • Building Rapport
    • Empathy
    • Assertiveness
    • Managing emotions
  • Handling challenging questions
  • Introduce the Secret Salesforce model

Day 2 – Team skills, attitudes, and behaviours

  • Advanced Communication & influencing
    • Communication model
    • Verbal & non verbal communication
    • Listening
    • Questioning techniques
    • Influencing
  • Barriers to good communication
  • Relationships and trust
  • Telephoner skills
  • Handling complaints
  • Action planning

What’s included

  • Initial in-person or virtual meeting to discover your specific requirements
  • Pre workshop questionnaire and preparation
  • 2.5 days Research, Design and Development
  • 2 days Delivery (can be in modules)
  • Workbook handouts
  • ½ day refresher workshop (or webinar if preferred) after 3 months


  • Telephone skills and email etiquette
  • Booklet – How to maximise a return on relationships
  • Booklet – sales through service
  • Optional – coaching for team leaders / supervisors